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Draft work and carting

Carting is a hobby that you can't start without the proper equipment. You need a good pulling harness, shafts and either a cart or a sled. The harness has to be a pulling harness, a normal walking harness will just injure your dog.

You can start with a young dog by introducing it to the harness, but leave it at that. Don't start pulling weights with a young dog (under 24 months), because excessive stress to the body will prevent the dog from developing normally. Remember to start slow!

We like the hobby a lot, but unfortunately we don't have a good training area closeby. All the girls are used to pulling and seem to enjoy it a lot!


Capri at a draft test in England (Tawd Vale) in spring -09



Draught Level 1, GCC Bronze at Bo Peep, UK 2009

Draught Level 2&3, GCC Silver at Tawd, UK 2009

Draught levels 1&2 [and waterwork levels A & B] at Bala (Wales), UK 2010


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