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There is a lot of information to be found in books and articles, and in electronic format. The information ranges from dog psychology books, training guides and magazines to people’s opinions and experiences. The internet, which contains a lot of information, is a great tool for finding the answers to any questions you may have about practically anything. However, remember that anyone can write anything on the web, so never blindly trust what you read. Everything is worth reading, but always remember to be critical, as there are a lot of different opinions and ways of thinking. The more you read, the better you can form your own opinions and ways of training and thinking. READING IS ALWAYS BENEFICIAL, and you can never have too much information.

If after doing your own research you still have questions about training, health or anything at all, please refer to your own breeder first, as they must always be your primary source of information and support. Local Newfoundland Clubs are also an invaluable source of information, as they can provide hands-on guidance.

Have fun exploring the Newfoundland breed!


Here is our suggested reading list:

Adler, Judi: The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland To Track

Adler, Judi: The Newfoundland Puppy: Early Care, Early Training

Adler, Judi: Water Work, Water Play: A Training Guide for Newfoundland Water Rescue Work

Aho, Riitta: Tavoitteena terverakenteinen koira (in finnish)

BB Press: The World of Newfoundlands 2004-2005, 2006-2007, 2008-2009

Bruno, Emmy: The Newfoundland (Pure Bred Series)

Drury, Maynard: This is the Newfoundland: Official Publication of the Newfoundland Club of America

Evans & White: Book of the Bitch

Fogle, Bruce: Jos koirasi puhuisi... koulutusopas omistajalle (in finnish)

Haymann, Frank: Le Terre-Neuve (in french)

Hebard & Whittemore: Jotta toiset saisivat elää (in finnish)

Kaimio, Tuire: Koiran käyttäytyminen (in finnish)

Kaimio, Tuire: Pennun kasvatus (in finnish)

Lindsay, Steven: Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training volumes 1-3

McConnell, Patricia: The Other End of the Leash

McConnell, Patricia: Reading Between the Lines (DVD)

McDowell, Lyon: The Dog in Action (for all breeds)

Mäntyla & Salmelin: Tarunomainen vesipelastajakoira ja uskollinen ystävä (in finnish)

Pryor, Karen: Koira ja Delfiini. Naksutinkoulutusopas (in finnish)

Ray, Mary: An Evening with Mary Ray (DVD)

Rugaas, Turid: Calming signals



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