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Larinkallion Brysselinblicca "Capri" Larinkallion Huomiongohde "Vera" Kivisilmän Monitoimikone "Ruuti" Co-owned dogs


Waterwork tests


22.7.06 Masku
Judge: Jan Simolin
19p [ALO]

handler different to trainer

swimming: 19 (time 1.52)
Jumped well, swam well.
Extra commads -3p + past finishing line 3m

send away: 0
didn't do

boat retrieving: 0 (time 2.44)
retrieved well, but passed finishing line -16m and extra commands -10p

save: 0
didn't do. 


23.7.06 Masku
Judge: Jan Simolin
0p [ALO]

handler different to trainer

: 0
didn't jump on time. (30s)

send away: 0
didn't do

boat retrieve: 0
didn't get it

save: 0
didn't do, instead (like in all the other excercises, tried to get back to where, us, others were)

06.07.08 Belgische Landseerklub 96p [A-Brevet]
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Heelwork : 10

jump from boat and swimming 50m: 15  (time: 1.18.72)

retrieve dummy from boat 50m: 25p (time: 2.51.04)

boat retrieve 25m: 25p (time: 1.44.77)

save doll 25m: 21p (time: 2.27.81)

Overall Vera did extremely well (this was her third swim this year!). We were especially happy and proud of her with the last exercise, because it has been the hardest one so far, and she did it without hesitating at all, even though she was very tired already. The points we lost were because of extra commands. 

28.05.2010 Bala (Wales) UK

30.05.2010 Bala (Wales) UK

18.09.2010 Dulmen (Germany)


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191/200 points


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