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Larinkallion Brysselinblicca "Capri" Larinkallion Huomiongohde "Vera" Kivisilmän Monitoimikone "Ruuti" Co-owned dogs




Luxembourg and Estonian Champion
Ruuti - Kivisilmän Monitoimikone
(23.11.2008- )

Waterwork: UK level A, Achievers Veteran, DE level 1, BE level 1
Draft: UK level 1 & 2
Shows CAC: FR, EE, CH, LUX      CACIB: CH

Picture gallery

Kivisilmän R- (b. 03.06.2011) 
Kivisilmän S- (b. 08.07.2012)
Kivisilmän T- (b. 14.07.2013)

Ruuti means "gunpowder" in Finnish. At first it was just a very nice name, but the name really was an omen and now we can really see the word in Ruuti's character, which is fantastic as we always want good, enthusiastic, working dogs. Ruuti likes to carry things, and always has something in her mouth. She is also a very energetic, loving and playful Newf. Our own girl Ruuti is one of our best active working dogs. Ruuti has a lot of stamina, she absolutely loves water, and she has an eager will to please and work with us. She'll be happy to relax at home on our busy days, but she'll be much happier out in the forest running and roaming around, in the water, or on the obedience fields working with us. Ruuti has the correct well balanced Newfoundland structure enabling her to succeed both in the show ring and at working trials. Ruuti has not competed much on the working side (due to her young age, born 11/2008, and her litter in 06/2011), but she has always succeeded in all the tests we've entered her in: during a three-day weekend in May 2010, the young 1,5-year-old Ruuti passed waterwork level A, and draft levels 1 and 2 with excellent comments. Late 2010 Ruuti passed the German Level 1 in waterwork and only three months after her litter in 2011 she passed the Belgian Level 1 waterwork, also gaining the "best relationship between dog and handler" - trophy. Ruuti has also dominated the conformation show rings; she has become reserve best bitch (with RCAC, RCACIB) several times at very large international shows, and has won several CAC's, also one CACIB.

Ruuti has started obedience, waterwork, draught-work, tracking and conformation shows.



   Ruuti spring 2012                                                              Ruuti spring 2010                                                            Ruuti spring 2009 

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Ruuti is a very healthy, very active Newfoundland.
She has a good coat and good skin; we can leave her to dry on her own after waterwork. She does not have any allergies.

Official (autumn 2010) and preliminary hip and knee X-rays (spring 2010)

Heart: Healthy (Echo doppler and ECG, spring 2011)
Hips: B/B (official X-rays, autumn 2010)
Elbows 0/0 (official X-rays, autumn 2010)
Cystinuria: free

Ruuti was sterilized Autumn 2013 after having three litters.


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