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Larinkallion Brysselinblicca "Capri" Larinkallion Huomiongohde "Vera" Kivisilmän Monitoimikone "Ruuti" Co-owned dogs


Draft tests:



21.02.09 Bo-Peep   1. level- Pass Judges' comment: Fabulous interaction between dog and handler. Lots of communication, outstanding eye contact. Lovely alert dog; good pace, keen worker. Lovely recall. Excellent pas. Dog will do well at further levels. Well done!
21.03.09 Tawd Vale  2. level (bronze) -Pass Judges' comment: Lovely change of pace. Slacker lead. Beautiful recall. Lovely relationship. A pleasure to watch. Watch out for the back of the cart. Work more from all sides of cart. A lovely haul. Well done!
22.03.09 Tawd Vale  3. level (silver)- Fail Judges' comment: Dog not switched on today. Too many tight leads - suggest give more lead and use voice. Remember no physical contact with dog in 'back-up'.

Obedience tests



1.8.05 Elimäki (Level 1) 95p. Openness: 10

Down stay: 0

Heel on leash: 7

Heel off leash: 7

Come: 9

Heel - stand - heel: 5

Jump: 0

Overall: 6

3.8.05 Lahti (Level 1) -stopped in the middle of test Openness: 10

Down-stay: 0

Heel on leash: 8

Heel off leash: 0

--the handler decided to stop the test as the dog was completely switched off

24.9.05 Brussels (unofficial) 90/100, 2nd place
class B

Openness:   10

Down-stay 2min/10m:   10

Heeling on leash:   10

Heeling off leash.:   10

Come and jump over an obstacle:   0

Overall:  10

24.9.05 Brussels (unofficial) 149p , 1st place
class C (winner class)

Openness:  10

Down-stay 2min/15m:  10

Heel on leash:  10

Heel-down-stay:  9

Heel-stand-stay:  8

Come:  9

Retrieve:  9

Overall.:  10

22.10.2006 Brussels (unofficial) 1st place  
08.06.2009 Brussels (unofficial)
2nd place (Winner-class)




21.7.2005, Kouvola, Finland

Not passed

Capri decided to go and seek for  the bitch in season which had, just before the test, urinated on the field.



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