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Happy, happy birthday Larinkallion H-litter! Already 9 years! Vera (FI, SE, EE CH Belgian Lifeguard Larinkallion Humiongohde) sends her greetings :-)!

Vera on her birthday - Vera a few weeks ago showing the youngsters "how it's done" by placing joint 3rd at the Scottish Newfoundland Club's Water fun day

Merita gave birth to a litter of 11 puppies (all reserved) 17.04.2014. The mum and little ones are doing very well. We've been uploading photos to their gallery and updating the puppy blog as they're growing. This allows the families to follow what's happening with their pups as they're growing up :-). The first ones will be going to their homes in about three weeks time already!


Bettina & Annina will be accompanying some of the US pups on their way home this summer, allowing them to also hold some events:
Friday 20th June 2014 Grooming Workshop, Oregon City, USA *with / without your dog*
Saturday and Sunday 21-22nd June 2014, Waterwork workshop, border of Oregon and Washington, USA *working spots full, audit spots available*
Friday and Saturday 27-28th June 2014, Waterwork workshop, near Dallas, Texas, USA *working spots full, audit spots available*

If you're interested in participating, just send an email to: bettinasalmelin@hotmail.com.
You'll be able to find previous camp recaps and an introduction to who we are in the 2013 news page :-).

A big "T" for TEXAS at the 2013 water rescue camp


  Earlier this year Myrsky (K. Taifuuni) successfully tracked though the Finnish Search and Rescue organization's beginners level test at 8 months, awarding them a spot in the advanced training group. Myrsky is the first Newfoundland to do so in Finland. They've got a very exciting career adead of them! Here is their test track (30min wait, 400m long, one corner and multiple curves).

Baron (EE, SE, LUX CH Kivisilman Muskettisoturi) and Benson (K. Tutkamajakka) participated at a few shows in the UK:

     Baron at Stafford -  Benson at Welks at 9 months


Vera enjoying North Yorshire scenery at Rosedale abbey. She is the "black sheep" at the farm (lambing) and vets Bettina is working at during the Easter holidays.

Merita's tummy is growing (a week and a half to go)!

Capri - Larinkallion Brysselinblicca (09.01.2003 - 31.03.2014)

Official Belgian K9 Lifeguard
International Champion
European Veteran Winner 2011
Finnish Champion
Swedish Champion
Good Canine Citizen Silver & Bronze
UK draft levels 1 & 2
UK Rally obedience qualifying score 1 
Waterwork tests passed in Belgium, Finland, Germany and the UK
Mother to Larinkallion H- & Kivisilman M- litters
Grandmother to Kivisilman N-, R-, S-, T- litters
Great-grand-mother-to-be to Kivisilman V- litter

There really are no words to accurately describe what Capri meant to us. I tried, and ended up writing almost a book long memoir. Her joining our family directed our future to what it is now. "She will be missed" is an understatement.

Years -00&01 we spent researching the concept of "dogs". Summer 2002 we finally visited a few breeders, and selected where we wanted our first brown newfoundland from: Larinkallion. Winter 2002 we contacted Pertti Hartmanvagain, and a couple of months later, pretty much exactly 11 years ago during my Easter break -03, I flew alone at 13 yrs from Brussels to Finland. Our relatives drove me first to see the sire and then to pick Capri up from the breeder. I had just finished reading Turid Rugaas' Calming signals-book, and remember yawning and licking my lips the entire flight back home. After the holidays were over, at the end of a class, we were asked "what did you do during the holidays", I had the chance to tell everyone the surprise of "we got a puppy". Capri joining our family had been the result of a lot of research, planning and waiting. I cannot thank Pertti Hartman enough for believing in us to be the perfect fit for Capri, and always being only a phone call away. 

We started (had actually been going without a dog for a while already) dog school with Capri immediately after getting her, training with Päivi Reijonen. Summer -03 we joined a waterwork club. Later that summer we participated at our first waterwork camp in Finland. We also participated at our first dog show, the Finnish Speciality show, that summer. Capri did really well, which motivated us to pursue showing in conformation.

Capri really was a real character in all senses of the word. She was a dominant girl that taught us more than we could have ever hoped for during her first few years. She was a stubborn and persistent girl. We had to teach her rules, and learn how to motivate her - because when motivated, she worked like a dream. We learned that she was motivated by not only food, but also just by the act of working with us, getting a task to do. This type of motivation is what allowed us to achieve together so much especially in waterwork. She was a dog that you could trust with your life. She had excellent stamina due to her swimming style and strength. But most importantly she would never, ever give up without finishing a task. She was always listening for further commands, but would cleverly give her own input to what would be the most efficient way to complete the given task. Capri's true character came about mostly through embarrassing incidences that I probably shouldn't share with you to keep her gracious old lady act up  !

Summer 2005 she had her first litter (Larinkallion H), and in 2008 she had her second (Kivisilman M). Capri was a healthy, healthy girl that would never ever have an upset stomach, skin/coat issues or dirty ears etc., apart from her FH&NE in 2009 and this very recent Laryngeal paralysis surgery which's complications were just too much for her (perhaps internal bleeding?). She got very weak quickly and it was time to let her go, as I always tell everyone else "better a day too early than a day too late". Today was that day. Time to let her go. Time for us to say "goodbye" to a dear family member. Capri is and always will be the Perfect dog in our eyes and she will be missed more than any words could convey. She is our Capri.

21.03.2014 Vera is the most perfect dog ever. We went for a school visit in Stranraer, visited classes from 9AM-3PM with kids ranging from nursery age to P7. During the 30min sessions we had with each class, we went through how to approach a dog (how not to!), why you would take an animal to the vet (also healthy animal!) (they got to share some of their experiences), went through the signs of health in Vera (i.e. she does not have a runny nose, dirty smelly ears, brown teeth etc. and how we'd check for them) as a clinical exam, talked about what all animals need (5 freedoms), did an interactive handwashing demo, talked about differences of animals (showed horse and dog skull) focusing on nutrition (how the teeth looked) and of course let all the kids have a go at approaching Vera and petting her (and feeling her heart beat). The nursery kids were also taught how to give a treat to a dog and they got to practice that on Vera .

There were probably a couple of hundred kids for sure, so lots and lots of petting and attention for Vera! Will be getting photos later. 

Vera really was the most perfect dog ever. She would patiently let everyone have a go at petting her. She would let us do a clinical exam on her 9 times (once for every class) and patiently let the kids feel for her heart beat. Even the kids that were slightly afraid (or terrified) of dogs got the courage to go pet Vera's the soft fluffy coat because she was being so gentle and still. Brilliant, brilliant Vera. Such a perfect school dog. 

I on the other hand figured that I never ever want to become a teacher . All the visits went brilliantly though, was just slightly awkward when asking the kids if they had any final questions - half the class put their hands up - and all we got was them sharing their experiences of their own pets - rather than asking questions as advised if the had any. Kids, kids ! Would never have the patience for them ! Have to raise my hat to all teachers out there 



Happy news! Merita was ultrasounded pregnant. She should be having just under a dozen puppies towards the end of April. More information under "Puppies"

We have had a busy last few months with attending lectures, working and training our dogs and further improving our knowledge of training and Newfoundlands. Just recently we travelled to the Isle of Wight to visit a 87-year old Newfoundland breeder/retired vet. She has been doing a study in which the length of femur and tibia ratio is looked in relation to hip scores. Interesting idea and we now have data for 400+ dogs which we can analyze.

Vera (L. Huomiongohde), Data and Baron (K. Muskettisoturi)

As Merita (K. Rutikuiva) has been bred with Elboy (CIB CH Elboy du Domaine de Flambeau ), Baron (our hot-blooded male) travelled to Nottingham to live with Annina and Data-pug. He has already settled and is behaving exceptionally well – if not sometimes getting the urge to lick-clean Data from head to toe, something she is not as keen on. Vera travelled to Edinburgh to be the only dog in Bettina's household – something she has not been for years. She has been to petting-session at Bettina's vet school and is thoroughly enjoying all the pampering and attention she gets.


Just before Merita left, Betti videoed some of their walk – Vera is in brilliant condition, definitely not obvious that she is already almost 9 years old. You can see the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHlDHTBSWKc&feature=youtu.be

Our puppies have also been busy and I am proud to share some of their accomplishments with you.

Suuri koiraharrastajan opas - book is now printed and available! Featuring Rolli (Kivisilman Rahtilaiva), Merita (EE CH, Lux JCH Kivisilman Rutikuiva) and Vera (FI, SE, EE CH Belgian Lifeguard Larinkallion Huomiongohde) in the Newfoundland & waterwork section. You can buy the book from:
http://www.dogsports.fi/index.php/suuri-koiraharrastajan-opas. It looks to be a definite good read & buy!


Myrsky (K. Taifuuni) has successfully tracked through the Finnish Search and Rescue organization's beginners level test, awarding them a spot in the advanced training group. Myrsky is the first Newfoundland in Finland to do so. They've got a very exciting career ahead of them! Here is his track (30 minute wait, 400m track with one corner and multiple curves): http://youtu.be/E2XQpK_J1RU.

Ariel (K. Salapoliisi) has been a busy girl for the past year. She was awarded:
Top #2 Junior waterwork newfoundland 2013 Finland
Top #5 waterwork newfoundland 2013 Finland
Top #3 Newcomer (combined waterwork+obedience) 2013 Finland
Huge, HUGE congratulations to the brilliant girl and her owners/trainers Yrjo&Riitta! We are so very proud!
A couple of weeks ago she was also awarded at Elimaen koirakerho (Elimaki's dog club): Best waterwork dog 2013 and Best puppy 2013.

We are also extremely pleased to get pictures and updates from puppy owners and it is always fantastic to hear how brilliantly all the pups are doing!

Koda (K. Trieeri) 8 months 

                                     Orka (K. Nostokurki)                                                                       Lydia (K. Telegrammi) 6 months


Capri (CIB, Fi, Se CH, EUVV-11, Belgian lifeguard Larinkallion Brysselinblicca) celebrated her 11th Birthday in the company of Baron (son) and Ruuti (daughter). The family resemblance is uncanny. Capri is our first dog, first Newfoundland, the "start of it all".


Happy New Year!


This year was the first time for a long while that we did not send newf postcards wishing for a good upoming year, so if you didn't get one, don't worry, we didn't forget about you! The reason for this was more of forgetting to order the cards rather than deliberately not wanting to order them ;-). Bettina who normally places the orders is in her 3rd year of Veterinary Studies at Edinburgh and that has kept her busy, extremely busy. During the three week winter holidays, she flew to Finland to work at the municipal vets for a week (staying at Ariel's, training and giving ideas for how they could continue the on-land waterwork trainings) after which she spent two weeks working at another clinic near Birmingham. For the three weeks Merita moved to live with Annina, Data, Vera. Merita, being who she is, started her shedding period when moving to Annina's. In total 460grams of neat fur was collected to be later knitted into a scarf, woolly jacket or a pair of mittens. In a good way it's nice that she's loosing all her coat, because that signals only one thing: her heat is about to strt!

Bag full on "Merita" - Merita naked (photo taken this summer, but she looks about the same now!)

Ariel's (K. Salapoliisi) owners took the advice of practicing "take out" with as many different things as possible literally, and so Ariel got to practice taking out an iron:

Ariel practicing "take out", an exercise for waterwork.

Video: Ariel training "Take out" during the winter holiday
Video: Ariel training "tow a boat" during the winter holiday

During the holidays we also took Ariel and the two brother Myrsky (Taifuuni) and Koda (Trieeri) swimming at Hyvinkään koirauimala. Short video.


We went for a walk with a few friends: dogs Gizmo, Benson (K. Tutkamajakka), Vera (L. Huomiongohde), Merita (K. Rutikuiva), Tuggs, Teddy and Dice. And we visited the Newfoundland Art show at the Kennel Club building in London.

Myrsky (K. Taifuuni) has been working on indentifying dog scent from canisters, leading onto tracking other (lost) dogs. Here are his two first tracks, which went extremely well - good job Myrsky & Miia!

Track 1 with seeing other dog disappear, 50 meters
Track 2 not seeing the other dog disappear, 50 meters
Track 3 (next day), not seeing the dog disappear 200 meters


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