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Obedience tests


24.9.2005, Brussels, Unofficial obedience test, 3. price, 133 points




                Sit still:   10

                Down 1min:  8

                Heel (attatched).:    10

                Heel (unattatched) : 9.5 

                Come:    8

                Overall.:   9

22.10.2006 Brussels, Unofficial obedience test



              2nd price - (open class)
1.8.2007 Elimäki, 3rd price, 111 points  
Openness: 10
Down stay: 8
(sat before command)
heel on leash: 8
(jumped too much!)
Heel off leash: 5,5
(jumping and extra commands..)
Come: 7
(came well, but when asked to sit beside, she decided to do a full circle and come back to the front)
Heel - stand - heel: 5,5
(wrong command, walked a few steps)
Jump: 0
(did not jump)
Overall: 7
(good, positive training, happy dog (!), but hand away and it'll look much better)
08.06.2009 Brussels (unofficial) 3rd place (Winner-class)

Draught tests


28.05.2010 Bala (Wales), UK Pass Level 1 Judges' comment: Lovely attention on handler and beautifully executed turns slightly off line on occasions but not worryingly so. A joy to judge, an attentive an enthousiastic dog. Loved the roly poly.


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