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summer 2012

International, Estonian & Swedish & Luxembourg & Finnish Champion
Top 20 Newfoundland in Finland 2012

Baron - Kivisilmän Muskettisoturi 
(23.11.2008- )

Waterwork: UK level A, Achievers Veteran, DE level A, EE level A & B
Shows CAC: FR, EE, SE, LUX, BE, FI        CACIB: EE, SE, ES
Draft: UK Beginners
Obedience: UK level 1, UK Level 2

Picture gallery

Baron in movement (spring 2014) (video)

Flying Tail's C-litter (06.05.2015) (3 black boys, 3 brown boys) - Finland



  Baron spring 2014                                                            Baron summer 2012                                                         Baron summer 2012

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Baron is a very healthy, very active Newfoundland.
He has a good coat and good skin; we can leave him to dry on his own after waterwork. He does not have any allergies.

Heart: Healthy (Echo doppler, summer 2012; Auscultation summer 2015)
Hips: A/A (official X-rays, autumn 2010)
Elbows 0/0 (official X-rays, autumn 2010)
Knees: 0/0 (official test, summer 2012)
Colour (DNA tested): Brown, does not carry White&Black, does not carry Grey (bbSSDD)
Cystinuria: free
DNA identified

Baron's semen has been tested to be 95% motile (summer 2012) with about 1.7 billion per ejaculation. His semen has been stored frozen in Finland, Germany and USA for our own future use, but is available for use on request.


Kivisilmän Muskettisoturi

A/A 0/0, knees 0/0
cystinuria: free
heart: healthy
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Belgian official K9 Lifeguard
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D/D 0/0
heart: healthy
cystinuria: free

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