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The importance of keeping the dog hydrated:

The importance of hydration is a well-known fact among anyone working with dogs, though it is often overlooked. Good hydration will help maximize the dog's performance, be it for a hot summerday walk or for a warm day at the dog class.

Newf’s fluid consumption is big, especially on hot days. Often people offer the dog water only after it has started to pant, but it is already too late. When the dog's body reaches the dehydrated state, it will take a long time for the water to travel through the body and reach the dehydrated cells. Giving the dog water before the actual exercise, the cells are able to stay hydrated for a longer time, which will increase performance time (i.e. your newf will be happier on hot summer days because it will not feel dehydrated and it will feel more energized).

The amount of water given depends on the dog and the situation. You can easily give a Newfie 3-7dl on a hot summer morning, which will make it much easier for the dog to stay hydrated throughout the day. You should start giving the dog extra water a few days before a competition, very long walks or hot show-days. You can give the water twice a day, as long as you give it at least 3-4 hours before the event. Exercise or running right after drinking the water are not a good idea, as it increases the risk of bloat. If the dog does not want to drink, you can put a few drops of yogurt, milk or oil into the water.  

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