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Oiling the coat

Keeping the coat nice and shiny is very important for Newfoundlands - even if you don't plan to show them. When the coat has a natural oiliness to it, it is much easier to groom and keep clean, plus it also looks and feels much nicer :-)! If you keep your Newfie as an outside dog, or if you often go on walks on dusty clay soils, the coat, especially the feathers (i.e. longer coat on legs) will tend to dry up. The coat will in places will feel coarser and dryer, sometimes the colour at the tips of the fur might even change from black to brownish, or from dark to light brown. Written below we have an easy step-by-step guide to keeping your Newfie's coat beautiful!

1.    1. You will need a bottle of oil and gloves (or a spray-bottle for the oil). The brand of the oil does not matter, so you can use the cheapest one you find.

2.    2. Make sure the fur is completely untangled and use a dryer to blow all the dust from the coat.

3.    3. Pour some oil into your hands and rub it into the fur. Rub as much oil as you can. Sometimes you have to use a LOT of oil, before you can see any difference. The coat is ready when it shines and does not take in any more oil. Especially the long hairs on the paws and the tail will require more oil than the other parts of the coat, so make sure they are well oiled.

4.     4. Your dog will look horrible, but don’t worry! If the coat is very dry, let it take in as much oil as it can for a day or two. During this time, keep an eye on the coat and if you think the coat needs it, rub some more oil into the dry places. At this time, it is a good idea to rub some more oil into the feathers.

5.     5. After you have waited patiently for a few days (or even just half a day, if your dog wants to lick himself—but wait at least a few hours), it is time to wash the dog.

6.     6. After thoroughly washing the dog, brush the coat completely. If the coat is still too oily to touch when he is dry (you get oil on your hand when you pet him), you should redo the shampooing. However, if you're not planning on going to any shows, you may leave it a little oilier so you don't have to redo this process as often.

7.     7. Your dog’s coat is now healthy, shiny and oily! It will feel much softer than before and very clean and healthy :-).


(c) Salmelin