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Introducing your puppy to grooming:

It is important to start combing and brushing your puppy as soon as you get him, even if he still does not need any brushing. If you do not introduce him to brushing as a puppy, it will be much harder for him to learn to behave later when you have to open mats and tangles.

You should thoroughly comb your adult approximately once a week. During the shedding period which occurs twice a year (usually autumn and spring) you have to comb him every day. If you have a weekly routine of combing him thoroughly, you will be able to keep the coat in a good condition and not have any tangles. You also won’t have to do as much work to the coat if you continuously keep it good, compared to once a month grooming which may take several hours. During the weekly combing session you will also be able to spot any skin irritations he might have before they manage spread throughout the coat.

Pay special attention to the hardest parts: the behind, under the ears and elbows. Always remember to check for any debris between his toes, they will easily damage his paws and webbed feet.

It would be useful to get him used to scissors also. Cutting his fur shorter will make coat grooming much easier for you. It would be useful if you could get a local breeder to show you how to trim your newf before you attempt it yourself.

You do not have to dry him after a swim, however when you decide to wash him, you will have to dry him thoroughly with a blow dryer.  You should wash your Newfoundland always with good products. Bad products will only damage the fur and make it very difficult for you to try to keep it in a good condition.

We recommend for a shampoo and conditioner a combination of Jean Peau Volume and Jean Peau Elegance. To give the shine we recommend Jean Peau Mink Oil. http://www.jeanpeau.be  Other good products are also Groomer’s Edge Midnight White (shampoo) and Groomer’s Edge Re-Fur-Bish (conditioner).


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