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Puppymeet 2008

(Henkivartija, Herrasmies, Brysselinblicca, Huomiongohde)

Once again we held the annual puppymeet (for the three-year-old "pups"). This time both of the Paavo's managed to come (Henkivartija and Herrasmies). Of course both of our girls were there: Vera (Huomiongohde) and Capri-mother (Brysselinblicca).

Henkivartija, Herrasmies

Huomiongohde, Brysselinblicca, Henkivartija

This time we left out the trimming from the "program", because from now on the best way to learn it would be by trial and error. We talked and exchanged stories about the past year and general things about the puppies. We found it interesting that, even though the puppies had lived apart from each other for three years now, they all had similar characters (active and friendly!) and gestures. They were also very alike (also in appearance). It was a very good litter! :-)

Henkivartija front, Herrasmies behind // Henkivartija left, Herrasmies right

The two Paavos got along together very well. Most of the time they played, swam and ran together, totally ignoring Vera (who also wanted to play and got frustrated at them and started barking.. ).  The boys did relax eventually and were totally asleep by the time it was time to go back home.

Henkivartija, Herrasmies, Brysselinblicca, Huomiongohde

To finish off the puppymeet, we took the customary family portrait. Everyone was so tired at this point, that even the picture-taking wasn't a chaos. ;-) Hopefully we'll see them again next summer!





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