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Puppymeet 2007

Unfortunately only Bamse (Hännanhuippu) and Paavo (Herrasmies) managed come to the Puppymeet 2007. The others were busy with work and showtrips. This, however, did not stop our fun. The beginning went surprisingly well (after all they were 2 years and 3 months old- in the defiant phase) with both of them playing and running around together.

Unfortunately neither of them wanted to be underdog, and surprisingly quickly the playgrowling turned into something more serious. Thankfully the owners had a quick reaction and the dogs were on the leash again. The boys still had a hint of a grudge left and once in a while barked at each other. But they forgot that soon, because of the two beautiful girls; Capri (mum) and Vera (sister).  


Vera was extremely interested in the boys, she was glad she got some company! Vera, however did not understand what was up with the boys; barking at each other, so she decided she'd start too, but with a little more distance.. 

The day went by fast, grilling sausages, exchanging experiences and trimming Paavo. Honestly, we got at least a bag full! Another bag the next day; he was obviously changing coat to a lighter bikini-version.

The "Byes" and "I"ll see you next year" were said with a smile, as the sun started to go down. Hopefully the others will manage to come next year too. It would be great to get a full family portrait again.

In the picture: Bamse (Hännänhuippu), Capri (Brysselinblicca), Vera (Huomiongohde) and Paavo (Herrasmies).



(c) Salmelin