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Tesla - spring 2015

Tesla - Kivisilmän Yleisurheilija  
(22.12.2014- )

Waterwork: Achievers 1 & 2, Standard A & B
Nosework: level 1
Shows: -
Draft: -
Obedience: level 1

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Tesla is a very active Newfoundland and loves to swim! If she could choose, she would rather swim and head dunk all day than come out onto dry land. She is very quick and eager to learn whatever's been taught. She is a little noise sensitive, which doesn't really influence her daily life, but when going to new places, she'd rather just sit and watch before going all in. Once it's a "familiar" place with noises she's heard before, she's confident again. 


Tesla has competed in the UK with Annina. 


She has a good coat and good skin and we can leave her to dry on her own. She does not have any allergies.

Heart: Healthy at auscultation (unofficial)
HD: (too young)
ED: (too young)
Tesla's left shoulder OCD was removed during summer 2015.
Colour (DNA tested): BbSsDD (carries brown and white&black)
Cystinuria free (by parentage)

She will not be used for breeding and will be spayed when fully grown.


Kivisilmän Y - litter
Hurricane Keep My Dreams Afloat "Buoy"
HD: Excellent, ED: normal
heart healthy
cystinuria free
colour: BBSS
AM CH, WD, CGC Keepsakes Afloat on Midnight Bay
HD: good, ED: normal, heart normal (cardiologist)
AM CH, ROM Midnite Bays Smart Asset HD: fair, ED: normal, Heart normal (cardiologist)
AM CH, ROM Midnite Bays Cover Your Assets HD good, ED normal
Homeport Hurricane Grace
HD: good, ED: normal, heart normal (cardiologist)
AM CH Pouch Coves Run N' Mate, HD good, ED noral, heart normal (cardiologist)
Homeport Voyager

Kivisilmän Salapoliisi "Ariel"
DOB: 08.07.2012
HD: C/D, ED: 0/0
heart healthy
colour: BbSs
cystinuria free
Oukaya Forever Regliss Mint Panda
HD A/A, ED 0/0, cystinuria clear
On a Lucky Day de la Fee des Eaux
Grizzly Maple Tree HD: A/A
LUX, EE CH Kivisilman Monitoimikone "Ruuti"
DOB: 23.11.2008
HD: B/B, ED: 0/0
heart clear (doppler and ECG)
cystinuria free
El Oso Pardo von Baywatch
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, heart clear
C.I.B., FI, SE CH, EUVV-11
Larinkallion Brysselinblicca "Capri"
D/D 0/0 heart: healthy, cyst: free


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